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I love Golf


Glora Matthews

Golf is like Life

I love Golf!!   Golf is a great analogy about life.   

Try to stay out of the hazards,  keep a cool head,  stay in the fairway, follow through.   There are many more,  but as a golfer, you know them all.   I think those that play well at golf,  play well at life; and its not always about the score.

I created this page to share my thoughts about golf,  photos and information about regional golf clubs!  Musings about golf, life and real estate.   Follow through brings the best results,  in life, in golf and yes!  in real estate!   I also will  introduce you to some of my partners.

Send me your photos  and your stories!!   I’d love to publish them!!


When it comes to real estate,  I take great pride in providing top quality service.   I always do my best to put myself in your shoes,  listen and understand your goals and get you to the green.     In the right margin are easy ways to contact me,   do a simple search, of view homes by area in the community buttons.