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RMLS – Clark County AREA MAP


RMLS Boundary Map - Clark County

[symple_heading style=”” title=”Clark County Area Boundaries” type=”h1″ font_size=”20″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”20″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

11 NORTH: 39th Street, WEST: Vancouver Lake, SOUTH: Columbia River, EAST: I-5.

12 NORTH: SR500, WEST: I-5, SOUTH: Mill Plain, EAST: Andresen.

13 NORTH: Mill Plain, WEST: I-5, SOUTH: Columbia River, EAST: Andresen.

14 NORTH: 78th Street, WEST: Vancouver Lake, SOUTH: 39th Street, EAST: I-5.

15 NORTH: 78th Street, WEST: I-5, SOUTH: SR500, EAST: Andresen.

20 NORTH: SR500, WEST: Andresen, SOUTH: Mill Plain, EAST: I-205.

21 NORTH: 83rd Street, WEST: Andresen, SOUTH: SR500, EAST: 117th Avenue.

22 NORTH: 4th Plain, WEST: I-205, SOUTH: Mill Plain, EAST: 162nd Avenue.

23 NORTH: Mill Plain, WEST: Andresen, SOUTH: Columbia River, EAST: I-205.

24 NORTH: Mill Plain, WEST: I-205, SOUTH: Columbia River, EAST: 164th Avenue.

25 NORTH: 83rd Street, WEST: NE 117th Avenue, SOUTH: 4th Plain, EAST: 162nd Avenue.

26 NORTH: 4th Plain, WEST: 162nd Avenue, SOUTH: 1st /Camas City Limits, EAST: SR500.

27 NORTH: Mill Plain/1st, WEST: 164th Avenue, SOUTH: Columbia River, EAST: Camas City Limits.

31 NORTH: 199th Street, WEST: 242nd Avenue, SOUTH: Camas/Washougal River, EAST: County Line.

32 Camas City Limits.

33 NORTH: Washougal River, WEST: Everett Street, SOUTH: Columbia River, EAST: County Line.

41 NORTH: NW 119th Street, WEST: Vancouver Lake, SOUTH: 78th Street, EAST: I-5.

42 NORTH: I-205, WEST: I-5, SOUTH: 78th Street, EAST: Andresen.

43 NORTH: 179th Street, WEST: Lake River, SOUTH: NW 119th Street, EAST: I-5.

44 NORTH: 179th Street, WEST: I-5, SOUTH: I-205, EAST: 72nd Avenue.

50 Ridgefield City Limits. 51 NORTH: County Line, WEST: Lake River/Ridgefield, SOUTH: 179th Street, EAST: I-5.

52 NORTH: County Line, WEST: I-5, SOUTH: 179th Street, EAST: EAST: Fork Lewis River & 72nd Avenue.

61 NORTH: EAST: Fork Lewis River, WEST: 72nd Avenue, SOUTH: 199th Street, EAST: 182nd Avenue.

62 NORTH: 199th Street, WEST: 72nd Avenue, SOUTH: 83rd Street, EAST: 242nd Avenue.

63 NORTH: County Road, WEST: 242nd Avenue, SOUTH: 4th Plain, EAST: County Line.

64 NORTH: Lucia Falls Road, WEST: 182nd Avenue, SOUTH: 199th Street, EAST: 242nd Avenue.

65 NORTH: 379th Street, WEST: 41st Avenue, SOUTH: East Fork Lewis River, EAST: SR503.

66 NORTH: SR503, WEST: SR503, SOUTH: Lucia Falls Road, EAST: East City Limits of Yacolt.

70 La Center City Limits.

71 NORTH: County Line, WEST: 41st Avenue, SOUTH: 379th Street, EAST: SR503.

72 NORTH & EAST: County Line, SOUTH: Lucia Falls Road/County Line 12, WEST: East City Limits of Yacolt.

80 Woodland City Limits. 81 Woodland School District, Not in Woodland City Limits.