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Preparing your Home for Sale

Making the decision to sell your home is a big one.

Perhaps the  circumstances of life made the decision for you, or other considerations drove you to the decision to sell.
Whether you are moving up to a larger home, want to resize or downsize to a smaller property, move across town or across county, its HERE, the decision has come to the fore and its time to get busy. You see, it can take a month or more time in preparing your home for sale.   So lets look at that process.

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You’ve loved your home, and its familiar to you, but its time to look at it, scrutinize through the eyes of a stranger… a buyer!  If it helps, drive around the block, and come in and scrutinize it the same way a buyer would.  It starts right out front with
CURB APPEAL.   Are the shubs and beds trimmed and clean,  the driveway clean and pressure washed, Is the porch or front entry free of debris, freshly painted?  This is the First Impression.   Now move from room to room, imagine what a buyer or their realtor might say, open closets and drawers, (they will!!).

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Most of us accumulate a considerable amount of STUFF.  Keep in mind, not only does too much stuff hamper the sale of your home,  you are going to be moving it.   Seize the opportunity now, to declutter, eliminate, donate and reduce the amount of stuff.   Clear out and clean up closets, attic storage, kitchen cabinets, drawers, bath vanities, and shelves — everywhere. Remember, this is no time to be sentimental: if you don’t use it, lose it. Potential buyers are seriously put off by clutter, and most of us drag a lot more things through life than we really need.  There may be a piece or two of furniture you can remove, making your home appear more spacious.   Some things I know are hard to give up.  Store them.

Then,  Have a great moving sale.  The proceeds from the sale can be used towards fresh paint, fresh new towels and linens, a new shower curtain or more.

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From top to bottom and curb to the back fence, clean and then clean some more.  Clean Windows, carpets, floors,  drawers, sinks, showers, glass doors.  Don’t forget the outside, check and treat moss on the  roof  pressure wash decks, patios, house, sidewalks and driveways.

[symple_heading style=”” title=”REPAIRS PAY DIVIDENDS” type=”h1″ font_size=”14″ text_align=”left” margin_top=”30″ margin_bottom=”30″ color=”undefined” icon_left=”” icon_right=””]

So,  by now you have cleaned, until you can’t see to clean any more, but lets tackle some simple repairs.   First make sure your roof is in order,  New vents and boots,  Touch up exterior paint and freshen the trim.   Check your window screens.  Repairing a screen is an inexpensive fix,  but a torn screen can indicate a lack of care or a house that has been “lived in hard”.

Pull sick or dying plants,  its better to have a vacant spot in the yard, than a blighted spot.  And please, please  Check the grout around the tub and showers. It should be clean and unbroken.  Check for any plumbing issues,  a dripping faucet and especially under the sinks.   Inspectors are tough on moisture in the floor,  check your toilet seal.

Remember, do what your home needs before the first buyer appears at your door.  A buyer will assess about twice the price you would have paid for the repairs. Then, the buyer will deduct that amount from your asking price before making an offer.

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You’ve worked hard and now your ready to show.   Still you are living in your house.   Have a basket or container such as a ottoman for quick pick ups, secure your pets, Secure your valuables, put jewelry in a safe place (or your safety deposit box).  Put medications in an enclosed container.  “Out of site is out of mind”.   Keep your dishwasher clean and empty.  Those last minute dishes need a place to go!

While we all like to have 24 hour notice, be prepared to leave the house, with kids and pets in tow, for an 45 minutes,  and sometimes with just an hours notice, and sometimes even less!   They might be calling from the curb!!       HAPPY SELLING!

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