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Spring 2015 Next Door and World Wide

Posted on February 27, 2015 by Gloria Matthews in Articles, Change, Pre Planning, Spring, Uncategorized

Here it is, March 2015 and spring is blooming.  Dont forget to set your clocks forward NEXT Sunday March 8th, 2015.

spring 2015 Next DoorThe history of daylight savings and its implementation is interesting, and while it is considered to be about saving energy or taking advantage of daylight hours, the reasons and seasons have fluctuated over history.   

IF you have Friends or Family around the WORLD,  here is a date change by country resource:  http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst/events.html 
Trivia and history:   

spring 2015 Next Door


NEXTDOOR, is a neighborhood site, where friends and neighbors can share safety alerts, tips, EVENTS, classifieds and more.   EVERY MEMBER MUST VERIFY THEIR ADDRESS, to join, assuring identity and integrity of the groups.

On more than one occassion the Crime & Safety posts at Http://FelidaHomes.nextdoor.com have thwarted theft attempts, and even contributed to arrests.  Real Time announcements and concerned citizens make a differents.   Its also a great place to JOIN GROUPS, POST EVENTS, GARAGE SALES AND MORE.   Join NEXT DOOR, and see who you know

CRESA (Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency) has shown interest in using Nextdoor to provide alerts, news, and other notifications in your area. CRESA (Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency) staff will only be able to see replies to their own posts, and they will NOT be able to view any other content in Nextdoor Felida.




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