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What do realtors do infographic

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Today, there is a lot of information on the internet about real estate and TV shows about buying and flipping rennovating and more!
There is a lot of MIS-information and if you don’t mind,  lets call those shows “ENTERTAINMENT”,  just another reality tv show, staged for your entertainment.   There is some value in them, but sorting through what is real and what is not.. takes “BOOTS ON THE GROUND”.

Your realtor partner, is in the trenches every day, working with buyers and sellers, doing inspections and repairs, and working diligently till you “get the keys”.  In short, you want an ADVOCATE who works on your behalf, taking care of the 14 professional relationships that get involved, and the 200 or more tasks, getting the work done.    You’ll want an experienced agent, with a minimum of 5-6 years, and evidence of continuing education.


Watch for The CRS logo.   It stands for COUNCIL OF RESIDENTIAL SPECIALISTS.   Only 2.5% of realtors hold this designation and is the culmination of the alphabet soup, requiring additional education and proof of performance.  This designation is considered the Masters of Real Estate.



KEEPING CURRENT MATTERS!  This blog is a valuable resource!!  In depth research based on REAL data, from a number of reliable resources, including NAR, Inman news, Case Shiller index, and more.  You see, real estate is a market, and it fluctuates seasonally and is cyclical (longer term trends).   You’ll find Buyer and Seller Guides on my RESOURCE PAGE,  a Flow Chart of the typical processes, the 10 commandments,  and my favorite.